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Dukuza Museum

Dukuza Museum

Dukuza Museum

Photo © Steven Herbert

The Dukuza Museum is situated in KwaDukuza (Stanger) opposite the King Shaka Visitor Centre. Entrance is free but there is a donation box.

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It is a small museum concentrating on local history with exhibits that include Zulu heritage and the growth of the sugarcane and paper industries, all of which are linked closely with the town. There are also a number of old photographs depicting some of the early residents of Stanger which was later renamed to KwaDukuza.

There are also a collection of items such as old gramophones, phones and toys.

The museum came into existence in 1972 when it was founded by the Stanger Women’s Institute although it has only been at its current location since 1997. As of 2021 there were plans to demolish the current premises and rebuild them to improve the experience for visitors. This activity was estimated to take 12 months and I am not sure if it has happened or happening.

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Zulu pots at Dukuza Museum

Above - Part of the Zulu display

Photo © Steven Herbert

Dukuza Museum

Above - Zulu baskets

Photo © Steven Herbert

Exhibit at Dukuza Museum

Above - Display of old gramophone and other devices

Photo © Steven Herbert

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