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The BlueGnu website is dedicated to promoting South Africa to tourists, both local and foreign. The aim of the site is to have information on a many towns, cities, game reserves and other tourist attractions as possible. The site also includes information on hundreds of mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, trees, flowers etc. that are found in this country. New pages are added regularly. If you would like to advertise next to a town or city that is not yet on the site then please let us know and we will add it as soon as possible.

Bluegnu is offering you the chance to advertise your Bed 'n Breakfast, Guest Lodge, Hotel and more on the site. Your ad will be placed on the page of your choice - for example on the page for your town. If there is more than one advert on the same page then whichever page is submitted first will be on top and so on. Ads will be shown in the left hand margin and there will be a maximum of 5 adverts per page. If you would like your ad placed on more than one page then there is a 10% discount applicable for the extra ads, as long as it is the same advert. If the wording or layout is different then the full cost will apply.

Advert details:

  • Width: 150 pixels
  • Height: 250 pixels
  • Once-off set up fee: R200.00 - not applicable if you supply the ad yourself.
  • The advert can be set up so that it takes a potential customer to your web site if they click on the advert.
  • Price of ad: R300.00 (excluding set-up fee if applicable) for 12 months, payable in advance by EFT or PayPal. Details will be provided when you place your ad with us.
  • If changes need to be made to your ad during the 12 months then there may be an extra charge applicable, depending on the requirements.

P.S. If your ad attracts only one visitor in a year you should, at least, break even...


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