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Wild Magazine - Issue 35 - Winter 2016

Cover of Wild Magazine - Issue 35 - Winter 2016

Number of pages: 96

Year published: 2016

Published by: TIP Publishing

ISBN: 9 771993 79001

Cover price: Members copy

Web site: SANParks

The Wildebeest's Review of Wild Magazine Issue 35

The Wildebeest reviewing a book

The Winter 2016 issue of Wild Magazine advertises articles on Marakele, Mokala, Vernon Crookes, Oribi Gorge, Kruger’s Honorary Rangers and more. Sounds like the magazine will be a good read on a chilly Highveld evening.

I have not been to Mokala Game Reserve but, after reading the article, it will definitely be part of my upcoming travel plans. I learnt that the Setswana work “mokala” means “camel thorn.” I am very familiar with Vernon Crookes and Oribi nature reserves and the articles brought back wonderful memories of many birding trips to these areas.

Next up I learnt the meaning of the Tswana word “marakele.” It means the “place of herding.” Marakele National Park is a beautiful park with amazing scenery, and it has a wide range of accommodation options. My advice: go there!

Some of the subjects in this publication

Whiskey Creek Nature Reserve - Page: 9
Keurbooms River - Page: 9
Camdeboo National Park - Page: 10
Tankwa-Karoo National Park - Page: 12
Mapungubwe National Park - Page: 15
Grey Go-away-bird - Page: 17
Marakele National Park - Page: 19
Camdeboo National Park - Page: 29
Mountain Zebra National Park - Page: 32
Addo Elephant National Park - Page: 34
Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve - Page: 40
Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve - Page: 40
Portia Widow - Page: 50
Pinheys Whisp - Page: 53
Red Basker - Page: 53
Queen Malachite - Page: 54
Amatola Malachite - Page: 54
Red Groundling - Page: 55
Mokala National Park - Page: 56
African Elephant - Page: 64
Apple-leaf - Page: 82


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