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Wild Magazine - Issue 27 - Winter 2014

Cover of Wild Magazine - Issue 27 - Winter 2014

Number of pages: 96

Year published: 2014

Published by: TIP Publishing

ISBN: 9 771993 79001

Cover price: Members copy

Web site: SANParks

The Wildebeest's Review of Wild Magazine Issue 27

The Wildebeest reviewing a book

The winter issue of Wild magazine has arrived, and, from the cover, it looks like it has plenty of interesting pieces inside. The first short article that catches my eye is on birding in Oribi Gorge. This is something that I have done on many occasions, and it brings back wonderful memories.

The article on birding in the Tankwa Karoo National Park. This arid area is surprisingly rich in bird life and has some “specials.” I really enjoyed the article on the “small fry” of Namaqualand.

Next up is an article on Verreauxs (Black) Eagles in the Cederberg. Researcher Megan Murgatroyd is one brave lady when it comes to heights!

Quite a few pages are dedicated to Garden Route adventures of which there are many. Last but definitely not least is an article on Wild Dogs. They are one of my favourite animals to watch and it is always a bonus when I find a pack in Kruger or some other reserve.

Some of the subjects in this publication

Black Harrier - Page: 8
Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve - Page: 10
Mokala National Park - Page: 12
Black Thorn (Hook Thorn) - Page: 15
Tankwa-Karoo National Park - Page: 16
Namaqua National Park - Page: 24
Verreauxs Eagle - Page: 32
Disa linderiana - Page: 38
Garden Route Trail - Page: 52
African Elephant - Page: 62
Red Bushwillow - Page: 82


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