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Wild Magazine - Issue 39 - Winter 2017

Cover of Wild Magazine - Issue 39 - Winter 2017

Number of pages: 96

Year published: 2017

Published by: TIP Publishing

ISBN: 9 771993 79001

Cover price: Members copy

Web site: SANParks

The Wildebeest's Review of "Wild Issue 39"

The Wildebeest reviewing a book

I have the latest copy of “Wild” magazine in my hands and am eager to see where I am going to be tempted to visit next! This magazine is always full of great articles and amazing photos.

Early in the magazine you encounter a cheetah family. The article focuses on a group of related Cheetahs in the Kgaligadi Transfrontier Park. The article is accompanied by some great shot of the family in action. I loved the article entitled “Young hearts run free” describing a 4,700 km road trip a young couple did to visit as many parks as possible in the available time. I think that we should all do this kind of road trip at some point in our lives.

Mapungubwe National Park is a special place and the piece on it should encourage a lot more people to visit it. Another interesting, but worrying, article is the one on the plight of the Hooded Vulture. What would a trip to our game reserves be like if there were no raptors? In this last sentence there is a truth and a clue to the problem facing most bigger birds. You are only likely to see them in game reserves and other protected areas.

Overall, another good issue of this magazine.

Some of the subjects in this publication

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park - Page: 8
Cheetah - Page: 8
Nelson Bay Cave - Page: 15
Hottentot Buttonquail - Page: 18
Golden Gate Highlands National Park - Page: 36
Brown Hyena - Page: 42
Spotted Hyena - Page: 42
Mapungubwe National Park - Page: 48
Cederberg Wilderness Area - Page: 56
Addo Elephant National Park - Page: 70
Cape Glossy Starling - Page: 74
Greater Blue-eared Starling - Page: 74
Burchells Starling - Page: 74
Mevess Starling - Page: 74
Hooded Vulture - Page: 76
Red Ivory - Page: 82


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