The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Identification of the Pipits of Southern Africa

Cover of Identification of the Pipits of Southern Africa

Author: Faansie Peacock

Number of pages: 13

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The Wildebeest's Review of "Identification of the Pipits of SA"

The Wildebeest reviewing a book

I really like the concept of this budget booklet written by Faansie Peacock, an up-and-coming birder and author. In “Identification of the Pipits of Southern Africa” Faansie has written and produced a no frills guide to this difficult group of birds.

This is not an illustrated guide to Pipits, that is left to the numerous publications covering southern African birds, but this provides far more information that traditional field guides can. It also includes a step-by-step guide to identifying these birds.

Each species has a write-up that may have some or all the following sections: status, habitat, habits and call, and description.

I think that the idea behind this publication is a good one and feel that other birders should take note and produce something similar on a different group of birds.

Some of the subjects in this publication

Long-tailed Pipit - Page: 4
African Rock Pipit - Page: 4
Buffy Pipit - Page: 5
Plain-backed Pipit - Page: 5
African Pipit - Page: 6
Mountain Pipit - Page: 6
Long-billed Pipit - Page: 7
Wood Pipit - Page: 7
Bushveld Pipit - Page: 9
Short-tailed Pipit - Page: 9
Red-throated Pipit - Page: 10
Tree Pipit - Page: 10
Striped Pipit - Page: 10
Golden Pipit - Page: 11
Yellow-breasted Pipit - Page: 11


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