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Wild Magazine - Issue 3 - Autumn/Winter 2008

Cover of Wild Magazine - Issue 3 - Autumn/Winter 2008

Number of pages: 70

Year published: 2008

Published by: TIP Publishing

ISBN: 9771993790001

Cover price: R24.95

Web site: SANParks

The Wildebeest's Review of Wild Magazine - Issue 3

The Wildebeest reviewing a book

So, the third issue of the Wild magazine is out, and I must admit that I am enjoying this new publication. The cover features a rather intimidating elephant, and the feature article is on Addo Elephant Park.

Addo is a real conservation success story and a credit to the National Parks Board. What started out as a park to conserve 11 elephants has grown to one that ends at the coast. A truly amazing story.

There is also an interesting article on Elephants. It examines the management of Elephant populations and other aspects of these remarkable animals. I also found the article on bird migration fascinating. I have a pair of Greater Striped Swallows that have built a nest by my front door and it amazes me to think that they have migrated to Central Africa and found their way back to their nest.

Of course, there is much more of interest in this excellent magazine. I must also commend the standard of photography in it.

Some of the subjects in this publication

African Elephant - Page: 12
Addo Elephant National Park - Page: 36
Robberg Nature Reserve - Page: 56
Spioenkop - Page: 57
Richtersveld National Park - Page: 58
Shongweni Dam - Page: 59
Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park - Page: 60


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