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Go! Magazine - Issue 162 - December 2019

Go! Magazine - Issue 162 - December 2019

Number of pages: 146

Year published: 2019

Published by: Media24

ISBN: 9771819671002

Cover price: R65.00

Web site: go! magazine

The Wildebeest's Review of "go! Issue 162"

The Wildebeest reviewing a book

It’s December and I am sure that a lot of South Africans are itching to hit the road for their annual holiday in our beautiful country. If you are going to read this month’s copy of go! Magazine to look for some suggestions, then I would guess that you are too late! The magazine is packed with interesting places to visit but you should perhaps be planning for next years Easter holidays. Just a thought.

The featured article takes you on a 10-day trip to the Overberg where you can visit interesting places such as Hermanus, Stanford, Elim, Agulhas National Park, De Hoop Nature Reserve, Swellendam and Greyton.

Mtunzini is a one of my favourite places, particularly for birdwatching, and the article on it brought back lots of memories. There aren’t too many accommodation options available, but I have always enjoyed camping in the Umlalazi Nature Reserve.

If you are feeling adventurous, and wealthy, then you can plan your trip to the Himalayas using the advice in the article on this amazing part of the world as a reference! Enjoy!

Some of the subjects in this publication

Mozambique Spitting Cobra - Page: 24
Hermanus - Page: 32
Stanford - Page: 33
Struisbaai - Page: 34
Elim - Page: 34
Arniston - Page: 36
Malgas - Page: 37
De Hoop Nature Reserve - Page: 37
Swellendam - Page: 38
Greyton - Page: 39
Mtunzini - Page: 42
Zeerust - Page: 50
African Spoonbill - Page: 134


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