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Go! Magazine - Issue 161 - November 2019

Cover of Go! Magazine - Issue 161 - November 2019

Number of pages: 146

Year published: 2019

Published by: Media24

ISBN: 9771819671002

Cover price: R65.00

Web site: go! magazine

The Wildebeest's Review of "go! Issue 161"

The Wildebeest reviewing a book

“Hit the road!” That’s my favourite saying followed up by “On the road again.” As I look closer at the cover of this months go! Magazine I don’t which road they are referring to as the “Hit the road!” theme refers to Lesotho, Kenya and Tibet...

Inside there is a wonderful article on “slackpacking” in Namaqualand entitled “Namaqualand never gives up.” The Karoo and Namaqualand are regular topics in go! Magazine and this issue is no different.

Travelling in the mountains of Lesotho and traversing the passes in the Eastern Cape makes for exciting driving. The article comments that you could do most of it in a regular sedan but rather use a 4x4. Sound advice me thinks.

This issue of go! Magazine does have quite an international flavour but there are still good articles on places to stay, things to cook and gear to add to your collection. Just don’t let time pass you bye. Rather hit the road!

Some of the subjects in this publication

Cherry Spot - Page: 16
Oudtshoorn - Page: 23
Black Mamba - Page: 24
Namaqualand - Page: 34
Knersvlakte - Page: 38
Rhodes - Page: 46
Naudes Nek - Page: 46
Tswaing Meteorite Crater - Page: 102
Rosendal - Page: 106


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