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South African Country Life Magazine - Issue 225 - April 2015

Cover of South African Country Life Magazine - Issue 225 - April 2015

Number of pages: 128

Year published: 2015

Published by: Caxton Magazines

ISBN: 9771023178007

Cover price: R30.00

Facebook page: SA Country Life

The Wildebeest's Review of SA Country Life Issue 225

The Wildebeest reviewing a book

As usual this issue of SA Country Life is packed with interesting articles and great images. It kicks off with an article on Franschhoek and the Franschhoek Literary Festival. To me this quaint town is a bit out of place in South Africa as it has a definite European feel about. Next up is sheep shearing in Kersefontein. I am always amused by how helpless a sheep looks in the hands of a skilled shearer. I don’t know what goes through the sheep’s mind, but they have a look of resignation about them.

The “town of the month” is Stutterheim which highlights why lovers of the outdoors are drawn to this area. I really enjoyed the article about Mapungubwe which is a place of historic interest and, of course, plenty of wildlife. This is followed by an article on the Dartmoor Nguni Project. Birders will be drawn to the article on birds of the Storms River Mouth and along with all outdoor enthusiasts you can read about “Durban’s Top Ten Hikes.”

Of course, there is plenty to read on food and drink and my particular favourite was “Welcome to the Chocolate Factory.”

All in all, another great issue of SA Country Life.

Some of the subjects in this publication

Franschhoek - Page: 20
Stutterheim - Page: 32
Mapungubwe National Park - Page: 38
Zaluzianskya natalensis - Page: 46
Cradock - Page: 50
Overberg District - Page: 56
Elgin Valley - Page: 64
De Hoop Nature Reserve - Page: 76
Storms River Mouth - Page: 81
Burman Bush Nature Reserve - Page: 86
Beachwood Mangroves Nature Reserve, Durban - Page: 87
Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve - Page: 87
Krantzkloof Nature Reserve - Page: 88
Giba Gorge Nature Reserve - Page: 88
Paradise Valley Nature Reserve - Page: 88
Shongweni Dam - Page: 89
Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve - Page: 89
Virginia Bush Nature Reserve, Durban - Page: 89
Brown Trout - Page: 90
Lotheni Nature Reserve - Page: 90


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