The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Mammal Identification Game

Afrikaans name: Soogdier Identifikasie Speletjie

Test your skill at identifying South African mammals!

How well do you know your South African mammals? Test yourself by playing our easy game. You will be given 20 photos to identify and, for each one there are four possible answers. It is as easy as that, or is it?

Each photo shows you a portion of one of South Africa’s many mammals and you have to figure out what it is. After selecting one of the four answers and click on “Submit answer.” You are then shown the full photograph and what species it is. It is a very simple game and is fun for the whole family.

You can play the game more than once. You are bound to get some different questions along with some of the same questions first time round. Maybe your score will improve second time around…

For info, very few people have got full marks on this quiz.

Click the Start button below to begin. Good luck!

Once you have completed this game you can test your skill in identifying some of South Africa’s bird species.

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