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Hole in the Wall

Afrikaans name: Gat-in-die-muur

Hole in the Wall near Coffee Bay

Hole in the Wall

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Eastern Cape

About 9 km south of Coffee Bay is the stunning geographical feature known as Hole in the Wall.

Over the millenia the waves from the Indian Ocean have worn a tunnel through the cliffs that form an 'island' just off the beach. The sandstone and shale cliff is actually a tidal island as it is accessible at low tide.

The local name for Hole in the Wall is eiKhaleni which means 'the place of the sound' as, at times, the waves make a rumbling sound as they pass through the large hole.

The area around Hole in the Wall is known for its beautiful unspoilt beaches.

Hole in the Wall near Coffee Bay

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Been there. What was Hole in the Wall like.

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