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Douglas, Northern Cape

Afrikaans name: Douglas

Douglas - river confluence


Photo © Johan van Zyl

From a tourist point of view the most interesting thing about Douglas is that it is near the site of the confluence of the Orange and Vaal Rivers. The town is on the Vaal River and the confluence is 13 km downstream.

The town itself is situated in a fertile farming area. Various crops such as lucerne, cotton, wheat, fruit and potatoes are grown in the area. Stock farming is also undertaken. When in the area it may be worth travelling along the R385 to see Salt Lake. This area is a major source of salt for South Africa.

Douglas began its existence as a mission station set up by the London Missionary Society. It was named after Sir Percy Douglas who was Lieutenant Governor of the Cape Colony. The site of the mission station was a well-used point to cross the Vaal River.

Other attractions for visitors to this "oasis" in the Northern Cape are bird-watching, excellent fishing and glacial pavements.

What is there to do in the Douglas area?

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