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Lady Grey

Afrikaans name: Lady Grey

Approaching Lady Grey

Approaching Lady Grey

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Eastern Cape

The small village of Lady Grey is located 54 km east of Aliwal North and is near the border between South Africa and Lesotho. The town came into existence in 1857 when the Dutch Reformed Church established a congregation on the farm known as Waaihoek. It was officially proclaimed in 1893. The town gets its name from Eliza Grey who was the wife of the Cape Governer Sir George Grey.

The mountains that surround Lady Grey are what brings tourists to this somewhat remote area. Popular activities are fishing, bird watchers, hikers and nature lovers in general.

Tiffendal Ski Resort is also in the region. Jouberts Pass, the third highest mountain pass in South Africa, is nearby.

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Dutch Reformed Church

Above - Dutch Reformed Church (1913), Lady Grey

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Lady Grey main business area

Above - Main business area

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Anglican Church

Above - Anglican Church (1906)

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Countryside, Lady Grey

Above - Countryside near Lady Grey

Photo © Johan van Zyl

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