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Duiker Island, Hout Bay

Afrikaans name: Duikereiland, Houtbaai

Seal or Duiker Island near Hout Bay

Plenty of seals call Seal Island home

Photo © Steven Herbert

Western Cape

Duiker Island, also known as Seal Island, is a small clump of rocks situated just off the coast near Hout Bay.

A number of boats take groups of tourists on the rather bumpy ride from Hout Bay to a position just off the rocks where good views of the many seals can be had.

The island is only 0.4 hectare in size. It is located in the chilly waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The main attraction is the Cape Fur Seals which may be seen on the rocks and the surrounding waters. It really is a priveledge being able to get so close to the colony and to watch these interesting creatures. Apparently most of the seals on the island are younger males waiting to reach breeding age. The seals do not use it for breeding as the sea can be very rough in that area and the rocky outcrop doesn't offer enough protection to prevent the babies from being washed away.

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