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Tree Squirrel

Afrikaans name: Boomeekhoring

Tree Squirrels near Letaba

Photo © Steven Herbert

Paraxerus cepapi

Interesting facts about Tree Squirrels

The Tree Squirrel is also known as the Yellow-footed or Smith's Bush Squirrel. Squirrels are one of the cuter members of the rodent family.

They are found over a wide area from South Africa to Tanzania.

They are active during the day time and are commonly seen in some areas like camp sites in Kruger National Park. At night small family groups of Tree Squirrel shelter in holes in tree trunks.

Squirrels are predominantly vegetarian and their main food is seeds. They will, however, eat insects as well.

Tree Squirrels are territorial and will chase their young away when they become sexually mature. Although the male squirrel is mainly responsible for defending their territory the female does do it as well.

Tree squirrels may be seen on the ground or in trees. When startled they will quickly make their way up a tree until danger has passed.

Tree Squirrel at Berg-en-Dal Camp, Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert



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