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Cape Porcupine

Afrikaans name: Ystervark

Cape Porcupine

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Hystrix africaeaustralis

Interesting facts about Cape Porcupines

The Cape Porcupine can weigh up to 30 kg and grow to a length of 60 cm. They are the largest rodents found in South Africa.

Male and female have a similar appearance but females are slightly larger. Each family group has a territory and more than one generation of youngsters may be found with the adults.

Porcupines feed off bulbs and tubers which they dig up with their strong claws. They will also eat fallen fruit.

They normally give birth to a single offspring but it may number 4 on rare occasions.

The Cape Porcupine is mainly active at night although they may occasionally be seen during the day.

Their long quills are used to defend themselves against predators.



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