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Bat-eared Fox

Afrikaans name: Bakoorvos

Bat-eared Fox

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Otocyon megalotis

Interesting facts about Bat-eared Foxes

The Bat-eared Fox is a rather smaller mammal with rather large ears. The ears are around 13 cm in length. They put to good use in listening for the insects that make up the largest portion of its diet.

Two populations of Bat-eared Foxes exist. One is found in South Africa, Angola and Zambia. The other race is in Tanzania through to Ethiopia.

These animals like areas with short grass and are able to survive in arid areas.

They feed off many types of insects as well as small mammals and reptiles. They are able to get most of their water requirements from their food.

Did you know that a young fox is called a kit? The males do much of the work in rearing their young.



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