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Afrikaans name: Tierboskat

Close-up portrait of a Serval

Photo © Steven Herbert

Leptailurus serval

Interesting facts about Servals

Servals are a medium-sized cat. They grow to a height of around 60 cm at the shoulder. Adult females can reach a weight of 12 kg and males 18 kg. Compared to the other species of cat they have the longest legs in relation to their body size

The Serval may be found in a wide variety of habitats but favours Savanna. They are not seen very often.

Although Servals are primarily nocturnal they do also hunt during the day at times. They catch mice, birds, reptiles and other small prey items. Guinea Fowl are about the biggest item that they catch.

Females give birth to 1 to 3 kittens during summer. The kittens stay with their mother for a year. Servals live to an age of about 10 years in the wild.



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