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Afrikaans name: Klipspringer or Klipbokkie

A Klipspringer in Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert

Oreotragus oreotragus

Interesting facts about Klipsringer

In English, I suppose that this antelope would be called a Rock Jumper, but everyone calls it by its Afrikaans name Klipspringer.

The Klipspringer has a wide distribution across the western, northern and north-eastern regions of South Africa.

They weigh around 10 to 13 kg and stand around 50 to 60 cm high at the shoulder. Females are a bit larger than males. Their fur is very coarse.

Their hooves are specially adapted for their life on rocky outcrops. They have an amazing ability to run over and jump across rocks without losing their footing.

Klipspringers pair for life and are rarely seen in herds. They get their water requirements from the succulent plants that they eat.

They are preyed upon by Leopards, caracals and some of the larger eagles. Klipspringers live to a maximum age of 14 years.



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