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Black-backed Puffback

Afrikaans name: Sneeubal

Black-backed Puffback in Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert

Dryoscopus cubla

The Black-backed Puffback is a member of the Shrike family and used to go under the name of Puffback. This name arises from the males ability to fluff up the white feathers on its back.

The Puffback feeds mainly off insects such as beetles and caterpillars but it will also take termites and some plant food.

The female is the one who builds the nest when a piar is ready to breed. She builds a neat cup structure in a tree or bush. The male does help out a bit by bringing some nesting material. Two or three eggs are laid.

Male and female are similar in looks but the male does show more black on his head and back.



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