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African Pipit

Afrikaans name: Gewone Koester

African Pipit

African Pipit

Photo © Steven Herbert

Anthus cinnamomeus

This Pipit has been through a number of name changes in recent years. I first knew it as Richard's Pipit, then it became the Grassveld Pipit and it is now called the African Pipit. Even its scientific name got changed from Anthus novaeseelandiae to Anthus cinnamomeus.

No matter what you call this Pipit it is probably the most common and widely distributed Pipit in South Africa.

The African Pipit is most common in open areas of grassland and savanna. It also likes sports fields, air fields and other nicely mowed areas. When driving in game parks and nature reserves they can often be seen on the dirt roads.

Their main food is insects but they do also eat some seeds.

The African Pipit in spring or summer, depending which part of the country it is in They hide their nests in shrubs and the female lays 2 to 4 eggs. Both parents are involved in rearing the chicks.



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