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Serrated Hinged Terrapin

Afrikaans name: Skulprand-skarnierwaterskilpad

Serrated Hinged Terrapin

Serrated Hinged Terrapin

Photo © Steven Herbert

Pelusios sinuatus

The Serrated Hinged Terrapin is called the East Africa Serrated Mud Turtle further up Africa. It is found from northern KwaZulu-Natal to East Africa.

It can grow to a size of over 50 cm with females being a big bigger than males. Males have a longer tail. When threatened by a predator they give off a foul odour.

The Serrated Hinged Terrapin eats a variety of food including freshwater mussels and snails, ticks, frogs and they have also been known to feed off animal carcasses. They are preyed upon by Nile Crocodiles.

Females lay up to 25 or so eggs in a hole within a few hundred metres of the water.

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