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Midmar Dam

Afrikaans name: Midmardam

View across Midmar Dam

Midmar Dam near Howick

Photo © Steven Herbert


Midmar Dam is situated a few kilometres away from the town of Howick in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands. It is only 24 km from Pietermaritzburg and a bit over 100 km from Durban. This makes it an ideal spot for a days outing or perhaps a weekend stay.

The dam has a shoreline of around 15 km in length. The dam is irregularly shaped which makes it an interesting place to drive around looking for a great picnic spot.

Midmar Dam is a great spot to go fishing. Anglers fish for Bass, Carp, Scalies and Bluegill. The dam caters for all watersports with zones set aside for different types of craft.

The dam is free of bilharzia and swimming is allowed although swimmers should stay near the shoreline. The dam is famous for its Midmar Mile swimming event which is held each year.

Yachts moored on the dam

Above - The dam is popular among the boating community

Photo © Steven Herbert



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