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Letaba Camp, Kruger National Park

Afrikaans name: Letaba Kamp

Letaba camp

Letaba Camp - Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert


Letaba Camp is set on the banks of the Letaba River in the Kruger National Park. One can enjoy a drink or meal at the restaurant complex and get amazing views over the broad river bed.

While staying at or visiting the camp it is worthwhile visiting the Letaba Elephant Hall which has some amazing exhibits of, and information on, the African Elephant.

Accommodation near Kruger National Park

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Accommodation in the vicinity of Kruger Park

Letaba Camp is situated in an area of bush that is dominated by Mopane trees. This is not great for game viewing but there are plenty of Elephants around. If you drive north from the camp on the tar road it opens up and offers better game viewing opportunities.

Letaba is a big camp and has plenty of accommodation. This ranges from campsites to safari tents, bungalows, guest houses and more. There is a restaurant and shop and take-aways may be ordered.

Letaba camp huts

Rest huts and outdoor cinema

Photo © Steven Herbert

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In most cases the following distances are calculated using tar roads and there may be shorter routes

Distance from Letaba to Giriyondo Gate is 41 km.

Distance from Letaba to Mopani Camp is 50 km.

Distance from Letaba to Olifants Camp is 34 km.

Distance from Letaba to Orpen Gate is 120 km.

Distance from Letaba to Phalaborwa Gate is 50 km.

Distance from Letaba to Satara Camp is 73 km.

Distance from Letaba to Shingwedzi Camp is 110 km.

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