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Sycamore Fig or Common Cluster Fig

Afrikaans name: Sycomorusvy

Buttress of a Sycamore Fig tree in Durban Botanic Gardens

Photo © Steven Herbert

Ficus sycomorus

Sycamore Figs are massive trees that grow to a height of over 20 metres.

They are normally found near permanent sources of water such as rivers, streams and swamps.

In South Africa they can be found in the eastern parts of the country from Durban through to Limpopo.

The fruit of the Sycamore Fig tree is eaten by a wide variety of animals. While the figs are still on the tree it is eaten by many different species of birds as well as monkeys, baboons and bushbabies. Mammals such as Bushbuck, Kudu, Warthogs, Impala and Nyala eat the fallen figs from the ground.

Sycamore Fig

Photo © Steven Herbert



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