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Port Shepstone

Afrikaans name: Port Shepstone

Port Shepstone

Port Shepstone

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Port Shepstone is a seaside town about 120 km south of Durban. It is situated on the south bank of the Mzimkulu River.

The town was founded in 1867 and named after Sir Theophilus Shepstone who was a member of the Natal government. Soon after Port Shepstone was established a small harbour was built but this fell into disuse after the railway line, linking Port Shepstone with Durban, was opened in 1901.

Port Shepstone accommodation

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One of the obvious sights in Port Shepstone is the lighthouse at the mouth of the Mzimkulu River.

The main attraction for tourists is the many beaches in the area. Swimming, fishing, surfing and snorkelling are all popular activities in and around Port Shepstone. The town has many restaurants and different types of accommodation available.

There are a number of game reserves within an easy drive from Port Shepstone. Travelling inland on can visit the spectacular Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve and the nearby Lake Eland Game Reserve. Skyline Nature Reserve is situated near Margete. Further south is the Umtamvuna Nature Reserve.

Port Shepstone

Port Shepstones beach

Photo © Steven Herbert

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