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Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve

Afrikaans name: Oribiravyn

Oribi Gorge

Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve

Photo © Steven Herbert


Over countless millenia the Mzimkulwana River has cut a deep gorge which we now call Oribi Gorge.

Oribi Gorge is situated just over 20 km inland from Port Shepstone.

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The gorge offers wonderful views and there are a number of walks in the area. There is a picnic site alongside the river at the bottom of the gorge.

Birding is a popular activity in the gorge and one might see Knysna Woodpecker, Crowned Eagle, African Broadbill and many others. Here is a bird checklist. A number of mammals may be seen including Bushbuck, Blue Duiker and Samango Monkey.

At the top of the gorge there is a small camp offering both hutted and camping facilities.

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Cliffs at Oribi Gorge

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above and below - What a difference a year makes! The photograph above was taken on 22nd September 2007 and the below photograph on the 19th October 2008.

Cliffs at Oribi Gorge

Photo © Steven Herbert

Checklist of some of the birds to be seen at Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve

Natal Spurfowl

Helmeted Guineafowl

African Black Duck

Lesser Honeyguide

Cardinal Woodpecker

Black-collared Barbet

Crowned Hornbill

Trumpeter Hornbill

African Hoopoe

Narina Trogon

Malachite Kingfisher

Brown-hooded Kingfisher

Pied Kingfisher

Little Bee-eater

Speckled Mousebird

Diderick Cuckoo

Burchell's Coucal

Knysna Turaco

African Scops-Owl

Speckled Pigeon

Laughing Dove

Cape Turtle-Dove

Red-eyed Dove

Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove

Tambourine Dove

Black Kite

African Harrier-Hawk

African Goshawk

Little Sparrowhawk

Black Sparrowhawk

Steppe Buzzard

Jackal Buzzard

Lanner Falcon

Hadeda Ibis

Black-headed Oriole

Square-tailed Drongo

Fork-tailed Drongo

Black-backed Puffback

Southern Boubou

Chinspot Batis

Pied Crow

White-necked Raven

Common Fiscal

Grey Cuckooshrike

Southern Black Tit

Barn Swallow

White-throated Swallow

Lesser Striped Swallow

Dark-capped Bulbul

Sombre Greenbul

Yellow-bellied Greenbul

Cape White-eye

Rufous-naped Lark

Olive Thrush

Southern Black Flycatcher

African Dusky Flycatcher

Red-capped Robin-Chat

White-browed Scrub-Robin

African Stonechat

Mocking Cliff-Chat

Red-winged Starling

Black-bellied Starling

Cape Glossy Starling

Olive Sunbird

Grey Sunbird

Amethyst Sunbird

Collared Sunbird

White-bellied Sunbird

Spectacled Weaver

Yellow Weaver

Village Weaver

Southern Red Bishop

Thick-billed Weaver

Bronze Mannikin

Red-backed Mannikin

Southern Grey-headed Sparrow

Yellow-fronted Canary

Mammals of Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve

Please note that this is only a guide and, while we have made every effort to be accurate, we can't be held responsible for any errors.

Black-backed Jackal

Blue Duiker


Cape Clawless Otter

Cape Porcupine


Chacma Baboon

Common Duiker



Rock Hyrax

Samango Monkey

Scrub Hare


Striped Polecat

Vervet Monkey

Water Mongoose

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