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Crocodile River

Afrikaans name:

Crocodile River

Photo © Steven Herbert


The Crocodile River flows from the Dullstroom area until it joins the Komati River near Komatipoort.

The Crocodile River is probably best known as the southern border of the Kruger National Park.

One of its main tributaries is the Elands River which flows past Waterval Boven and Waterval Onder.

The river is used for trout fishing in its upper reaches near Dullstroom. In the Nelspruit area its water is used to irrigate the citrus plantations. As it flows eastward past Kruger National Park its southern bank is lined with game lodges and fields of sugar cane.

Crocodile River

Photo © Steven Herbert

As you can see the Crocodile River is not just a name. It really does have Crocodiles. Big ones!


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