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Russet Bush-Willow tree

Afrikaans name: Kierieklapper

Russet Bush-Willow tree

The Russet Bush-Willow tree

Photo © Steven Herbert

Combretum hereroense

The Russet Bush-Willow is a smallish tree that grows to a height of 5 to 8 metres. They are found in the north-eastern region of South Africa and are particularly common in Kruger National Park.

It is normally a multi-stemmed tree. The leaves of the Russet Bush-Willow are green on top while the underneath side is covered with brown hairs underneath. Most of the Combretum family of trees get a reddish-brown fruit that has four wings and this one is no exception. These fruits are about 2 cm in length.

The Russet Bush-Willow grows in a variety of habitats including flat areas, rocky woodlands as well as along the banks of streams. It prefers sandy or loamy soil.

The wood of the Russet Bush-Willow is strong and is used for struts in mines, pick handles, furniture and a number of other things. Various species of game eat the leaves as do cattle. A form of team can be made by boiling dry leaves and fruits. The wood is hard and makes a good charcoal. The bark and roots have been used to treat a variety of ailments such as aches and pains, heartburn and tonsilitis.

Bark of the Russet Bush-Willow tree

Bark of the Russet Bush-Willow tree

Photo © Steven Herbert

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