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Shelly Beach

Afrikaans name: Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach

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Shelly Beach is sandwiched between Port Shepstone and Margate on the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal. Like many south coast resort towns this one has seen a lot of development over the years but it is still a good destination to visit for a weekend away or a family holiday.

It is a popular destination for tourists for a number of reasons. It has a fine beach with the warm Indian Ocean making it possible to swim all year round. It is a good spot for surf and rock fishing, as well as scuba diving. The beach got its name from the many sea shells that wash up onto it. This provides locals and residents with a chance to add to their shell collections. Just be at the beach early to look for the sought after ones!

A wide variety of accommodation is available and there are numerous shops nearby. Port Shepstone and Margate are also just a few kilometres away.

A well-known attraction in the area is the nearby Pure Venom Reptile Park.

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