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Afrikaans name: Aberdeen

Aberdeen CBD

Aberdeen CBD

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Eastern Cape

In 1855 the Dutch Reformed Church established a congregation on the farm "Brakkefontein". This was the beginnings of Aberdeen. The spire of the Dutch Reformed Church is claimed to be the tallest in South Africa.

The town took its name from the birthplace of Reverend Anrdrew Murray.

Merino sheep and Angora goats are farmed in the area.

Aberdeen has a nature reserve called Fonteinbos. Near the Kraai River one can see footprints reputedly from a prehistoric animal.

Magistrates Court

Above - Magistrates Court - Aberdeen

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Methodist Church

Above - Methodist Church (1882) - Aberdeen

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Dutch Reformed Church

Above - The Dutch Reformed Church (1907) has a 50 metre high spire which is claimed to be the highest in South Africa

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Aberdeen house

Above - A beautiful house in Aberdeen

Photo © Johan van Zyl



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