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Das Neves Cross, Kruger National Park

Afrikaans name:

Das Neves Cross

Das Neves Cross in Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert


When travelling north on the H1-6 tar road from Letaba Camp you come across the S95 loop road that meanders through the thick bush near the Letaba River. After a while you arrive at a plaque announcing the Das Neves Cross. The cross itself is carved into the southern side of the trunk of a Leadwood Tree.

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There is debate over who may have carved the cross but most likely, perhaps, is Diocleciano Fernandes das Neves who explored the area now known as Kruger National Park in the late 1850's and early 1860's. He was from Portugal and made his living hunting Elephant for their ivory and trading.

The S95 loop road is a good road to find Elephants going to, or coming from, the Letaba River. If you don't like being surprised by Elephants suddenly emerging from the dense vegetation then this is probably a bad road for you!

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Plaque near the tree

Plaque near the tree

Photo © Steven Herbert

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