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South African Public Holidays 2022

Afrikaans name: Suid-Afrikaanse openbare vakansiedae 2022

2021 was a challenging year for most people in South Africa, and around the world. It's 2022, and times are still tough, but I would like to suggest that you go on holiday, take weekend trips or day drives. It's good for you and the tourism industry in South Africa. Go for it!

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1st January 2022 - New Year’s Day / Nuwejaarsdag (Saturday)

21st March 2022 - Human Rights Day / Menseregte Dag (Monday)

15th April 2022 - Good Friday / Goeie Vrydag (Friday)

18th April 2022 - Family Day / Familie Dag (Monday)

27th April 2022 - Freedom Day / Vryheidsdag (Wednesday)

1st May 2022 - Workers Day / Werkersdag (Sunday)

2nd May 2022 - Public Holiday (Monday)

16th June 2022 - Youth Day / Jeugdag (Thursday)

17th June 2022 - School Holiday (Not a public holiday) (Friday)

8th August 2022 - School Holiday (Not a public holiday) (Monday)

9th August 2022 - National Women’s Day / Vrouedag (Tuesday)

24th September 2022 - Heritage Day / Erfenisdag (Saturday)

16th December 2022 - Day of Reconciliation / Rekonsiliasie (Friday)

25th December 2022 - Christmas Day / Kersdag (Sunday)

26th December 2022 - Day of Goodwill / Welwillendheid (Monday)

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