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Marakele National Park

Afrikaans name: Marakele Nasionale Park

Marakele National Park

Entrance to Marakele National Park

Photo © Johan van Zyl


Marakele National Park is located near Thabazimbi in the Waterberg Mountains. It is approximately 250 km's from Johannesburg. The park includes areas of the drier western regions along with the more moist regions of the east. This allows the park to be home a wide variety of flora and fauna.

There are two main camps in Marakele. Tlopi Tented Camp is set on the Apiesrivierpoort Dam. Each tent has two beds and a private bathroom. The camp is unfenced which allows you to get up close and personal with some of the game. For campers and caravanners there is the Bontle Camping Site. One should stock up with all ones requirements outside the park.

Mammals that may be seen in the park include Black and White Rhino, Leopard, Lion, Elephant, Brown Hyena, Sable and Waterbuck.

One of the highlights for birders is the Cape Vulture. Around 800 pairs of these magnificent birds breed in Marakele. Other birds to look for include Purple Roller, Cape Rock Thrush, Brown Snake Eagle, Wahlbergs Eagle, Jackal Buzzard, African Scops Owl, Spotted Eagle Owl, Freckled Nightjar and Fiery-necked Nightjar.

While you are in the park you must take a drive to the top of the Waterberg massif where you will be rewarded with spectacular views.

Marakele tented accommodation

Tented accommodation in the park

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Caravan park

Caravan park

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Road in Marakele National Park

Western part of the park in the dry season

Photo © Johan van Zyl


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