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Piet Grobler Dam, Kruger National Park

Afrikaans name: Engelharddam uitsig

Piet Grobler Dam

Piet Grobler Dam in Kruger National Park

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The area around the Piet Grobler Dam, in Kruger National Park, is a very rewarding game viewing area. Lions are often seen along with Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Giraffe and many more mammals. The vegetation to the east of the Piet Grobler Dam is known as Olifants Rugged veld. It is dominated by Thorny Cluster-leaf and Raisin Bush trees. To the west of the dam the vegetation changes to Mopane and Bushwillow Woodlands.

The dam was constructed in 1988 and the dam wall is the largest concrete dam wall in the park. The dam is named after Piet Grobler who had been Minister of Lands and was a key figure in the proclamation of Kruger National Park. He also happened to be the great grandnephew of President Paul Kruger after whom the park is named.

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The dam is located on the S39 gravel road north of Timbavati Picnic Site. It is fed by the Timbavati River which flows northwards at this point.

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