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Spotted Bush Snake

Afrikaans name: Gespikkelde bosslang

Spotted Bush Snake

Spotted Bush Snake

Photo © Steven Herbert

Philothamnus semivariegatus

The Spotted Bush Snake is a slender snake with a flat head. It can reach a length of around 80 cm. It is bright green above with small black spots. Underneath it is a creamy-yellow colour. It is sometimes referred to as the Variegated Bush Snake.

They spend much of their time up in trees and bushes where they hunt for prey. They are also known to be good swimmers.

This snake may bite when threatened but they are not considered to be poisonous. Unfortunately they are confused with the Boomslang and Green Mamba and are often killed by people believing that they are dangerous.

The female Spotted Bush Snake lays between 3 and 12 eggs. The eggs are unusually long and vary in length from 2.8 cm to 4 cm. These reptiles feed on geckos, tree frogs and chameleons. When chasing prey in a tree they are extremely agile and fast. They move through the branches with ease.

They are found over most of Africa including South Africa.

Spotted Bush Snake

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