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Afsaal Picnic Site, Kruger National Park

Afrikaans name: Afsaal Piekniekplek

Afsaal Picnic Site

Afsaal Picnic Site in Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert


Driving around Kruger National Park involves hours spent in the car and there are not too many places where one can get out and relax. Afsaal Picnic Site is one of my favourite spots in the park!

Afsaal is situated on the tar road between Berg-en-dal Camp and Skukuza Camp. There is also a dirt road leading to Pretoriuskop Camp.

Accommodation near Kruger National Park

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Accommodation in the vicinity of Kruger Park

Afsaal Picnic Site is well-equipped with toilets, a shop and a variety of meals are available.

The picnic site does good business selling coffee to tourists on early morning game drives!

There is quite a variety of birdlife that may be seen at the picnic site including Scops Owl, Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill, Cape Glossy Starling and Crested Francolin.

The picnic site is not fenced and Bushbuck are often seen in the surrounding bush. Spotted Hyenas also visit the picnic site (don't feed them!). There are photos up of an Elephant visiting Afsaal which caused a bit of consternation.

What have you seen in the Afsaal area?

Female Bushbuck at Afsaal Picnic Site

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above - Bushbuck are commonly seen at Afsaal Picnic Site.

Below - There is a shop selling various curios and books as well as sweets, biscuits and other grocery items.

Hides on sale outside the curio shop

Photo © Steven Herbert

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