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Mlambane River, Kruger National Park

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Mlambane River in Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert


The Mlambane River flows from the West of the H3 road in Kruger Park and evantually joins the Crocodile River.

The new H3 bridge over the Mlambane River is much higher than the low-level crossing that it used to be. Remnants of the old causeway can be seen below.

Mlambane River

Here is some trivia... In June 2013 I parked on this bridge and jotted down some details of all the cars that passed me. This is what the stats show:

What makes of vehicle?

Chart of vehicle makes

What types of vehicle?

Chart of vehicle types

What colours were the vehicles?

Chart of vehicle colours

Which direction were they heading?

Chart of vehicle directions

During the hour I saw the following wildlife: Water Monitor, Slender Mongoose, Pied Kingfisher, Arrow-marked Babber, Village Weaver, Three-banded Plover, Fork-tailed Drongo, Olive Thrush and Blacksmith Lapwing.


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