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Anna Ledeboer's Grave, Kruger National Park

Afrikaans name: Anna Ledeboer se begraf plek

Notes on Anna Ledeboer

Anna Ledeboers Grave

Photo © Steven Herbert


I think that the administrators of Kruger National Park have done a good job of placing plaques with information near historical sites in the park. They give you a glimpse into the people who used to live, or work, in these parts in days gone by. It must have been a wonderful yet hard life.

The plaque marking the spot of Anna Ledeboer's grave is located on one of the loop roads off the S62 gravel road that run on the northern bank of the Letaba River near Letaba Camp. Anna's full name was Anna Maria Christina Ledeboer. Her maiden name was Bindemann. She died at age 55, possibly from a heart condition or malaria.

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The grave site is well situated from a scenic point of view and one wonders if this was a favourite spot of hers. It does, however, seem to be a lonely spot for ones grave.

According to the plaque Anna Ledeboer was the second wife of ranger Leonard Henry Ledeboer. Leonard was an elephant hunter who became a park ranger in 1919.

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