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Blue Wildebeest

Afrikaans name: Blouwildebees

Photo © Steven Herbert

Connochaetes taurinus

Interesting facts about Blue Wildebeest

The Blue Wildebeest is also sometimes referred to as the Blue Gnu, Brindled Gnu or Common Wildebeest

Blue Wildebeest can live for 20 years or more. Males are larger than females and have bigger horns.

They are widespread across north and eastern South Africa and are a common site in most game parks.

They can be up to 145 cm tall at the shoulder and may weigh up to 250 kg.

Their preferred habitat is open savanna and bush veld. It shouldn't be too dry or too wet. There must be water available within walking distance. Blue Wildebeest enjoy taking a mud bath.

A variety of predators hunt Blue Wildebeest including Lions, Spotted Hyenas and Nile Crocodiles. Youngsters may also be hunted by Cheetahs, Leopards and Wild Dogs.

They may often be found in the company of Burchell's Zebras. Zebras eat the longer grass allowing the Wildebeest to get to the shorter grass which they prefer.

Females are able to breed at 3 years old. The calf is born after a 8.5 month gestation period. Within two hours the new born calf can run fast enough to keep up with the herd.

A small herd of Blue Wildebeest resting in the morning sun

Photo © Steven Herbert

Baby Blue Wildebeest at Tala Game Reserve

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above and below - Blue Wildebeest aren't just cute when they grow up - they start off pretty cute as well!

Baby Blue Wildebeest

Photo © Steven Herbert

Blue Wildebeest portrait

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above and below - Selection of Blue Wildebeest portraits Portrait of a Blue Wildebeest

Photo © Steven Herbert

Below - Kicking up the dust Blue Wildebeest in dust

Photo © JohanSwanepoel -

Blue Wildebeest adult

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above and below - An adult female Blue Wildebeest is shown above and a juvenile is shown below. Blue Wildebeest juvenile

Photo © Steven Herbert



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