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Insects of Kruger National Park

Afrikaans name: Insekte van Krugerwildtuin

Here is a tiny sample of the many thousands of insects that may be found in Kruger National Park

Visitors to Kruger National Park are mainly hoping to see a wide variety of mammals and birds, and they will! These creatures are easier to find and interesting to look at. Not many visitors spend time exploring the smaller creatures to be found in the park, of which there are many.

Leo Braack, in his book Field Guide to Insects of the Kruger National Park says that there are thousands of known species to be found, but there are likely to be thousands more. Unfortunately, insects, apart from some butterflies and dragonflies, are harder to spot when you are out on a game drive but in the rest camps it is a totally different story.

A walk around the gardens will reveal many different species. The camp site gardens are filled with many different indigenous plants which attracts these little critters. Identifying most is a challenge but you will be amazed at the variety of body shapes and colours that you will see.

Mocker Swallowtail

Narrow Green-banded Swallowtail

Citrus Swallowtail

African Migrant

Lowveld Grass Yellow

Scarlet Tip

Sulphur Orange Tip

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Small Orange Tip

Pioneer Caper White

African Caper White

Purple-brown Hairstreak

Black-striped Ciliate Blue

Dotted Pierrot

Black-bordered Babul Blue

Rayed Blue

African Glass Blue

African Plain Tiger




Common Evening Brown

Black-haired Bush Brown

Dark Wanderer

Yellow-banded Telchinia

Dusky Telchinia

Black-based Acraea

White-barred Telchinia

Blotched Leopard

Yellow Pansy

Brown Pansy

Dark Blue Pansy

Soldier Pansy

Common Diadem

Common Mother-of-Pearl

Golden Piper

Spotted Joker

Spotted Sailer

Common Barred Sailer

Boisduval's Tree Nymph


Pearl Charaxes

Satyr Charaxes

Clouded Flat

Small Elfin

Elegant Grasshopper

Crimson-speckled Footman


Robber Flies

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