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Augrabies Falls National Park

Afrikaans name: Augrabies Nasionale Park

Hut accommodation near the waterfall

Augrabies Falls National Park hutted accommodation

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Northern Cape

The Augrabies Falls National Park, in the Northern Cape, is the location of the spectacular Augrabies waterfall. Here the Orange River plunges 56 metres into an 18 km long canyon. During floods in 1988 around 7,800 cubic metres of water was going over the falls every second. This is the most ever recorded for a waterfall anywhere.

Besides taking in the beauty of the falls there is a lot of other things to do in this interesting reserve. These include hiking trails, mountain biking, night drives, guided walks and self-drive roads.

The reserve experiences extreme heat and cold and this influences some of the mammals found in the park. For example the Giraffes are lighter in colour and more active at night. A night drive can be particularly rewarding when nocturnal creatures such as African Wild-Cat, Aardwolf and Bat-eared Fox may be seen. During the day you may find Klipspringer, Springbok, Eland, Kudu and Steenbok.

The arid nature of the Augrabies Falls National Park provides plenty of interesting vegetation and there is also lots for birders to look for.

There is a variety of accommodation available in the park including camp sites, chalets and cottages. The reserve has a shop, restaurant and petrol station.


Beautiful, but arid, scenery in Augrabies Falls National Park

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Orange River

The Orange River flows through a deep gorge

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Hut accommodation

There is a variety of accommodation in the reserve

Photo © Johan van Zyl



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