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Reptiles of Kruger National Park

Afrikaans name: Reptiele van Krugerwildtuin

Kruger National Park has a list of over 100 species of reptiles. The following list is fairly comprehensive but new species are being added to their list on a regular basis.

When visiting Kruger National Park there is one reptile that you are almost guaranteed to see. It happens to be the biggest species. It is the Nile Crocodile. A smaller reptile that is also commonly seen is the Marsh Terrapin. As you can see from the list below there are numerous other species of reptiles that may be encountered in the park. In a number of cases you probably don't want to encounter! I don't think that a Black Mamba is something that most people will feel disappointed if they don't see one.

Your best chance of finding some of these interesting creatures is in the camp site itself. Many of them make their homes amongst the trees and rocks in the camps.

Southern Tree Agama

Common Ground Agama

Peters' Ground Agama

Lang's Worm Lizard

Cape Worm Lizard

Kalahari Worm Lizard

Slender Worm Lizard

Kalahari Dwarf Worm Lizard

Violet Dwarf Worm Lizard

Natal Purple-glossed Snake

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Accommodation in the vicinity of Kruger Park

Eastern Purple-glossed Snake

Soutpansberg Purple-glossed snake

Common Purple-glossed Snake

Black-headed Centipede-eater

Reticulated Centipede-eater

Bibron's Stiletto Snake

Striped Quill-snouted Snake

Southern African Python

Common Flap-neck Chameleon

Brown House Snake

Red-lipped Herald Snake

Rhombic Egg-eater

Marbled Tree Snake


Common File Snake

Black File Snake

Eastern Bark Snake

Floodplain Water Snake

Brown Water Snake

Cape Wolf Snake

Variegated Wolf Snake

South Eastern Green Snake

Natal Green Snake

Spotted Bush Snake

Two-striped Shovel-snout

East African Shovel-snout

Sundevall's Shovel-snout

Dwarf Sand Snake

Cape Sand Snake (see 2273)

Olive Grass Snake

Western Yellow-bellied Sand Snake

Striped Grass Snake

Mole Snake

Rufous Beaked Snake

Eastern Tiger Snake

Southern Twig Snake

Jones' Girdled Lizard

Common Flat Lizard

Zimbabwe Flat Lizard

Wilhelm's Flat Lizard

Van Dam's Girdled Lizard

Flat Girdled Lizard

Warren's Girdled Lizard

Nile Crocodile

Intermediate Shield Cobra

Black Mamba

Boulenger's Garter Snake

Long-tailed Garter Snake

Snouted Cobra

Mozambique Spitting Cobra

Lang's Flat Gecko

Pondo Flat Gecko

Zimbabwe Flat Gecko

Bibron's Tubercled Gecko

Common Tropical House Gecko

Wahlberg's Velvet Gecko

Common Dwarf Gecko

Stevenson's Dwarf Gecko

Cape Gecko

Speckled Gecko

Tiger Gecko

Yellow-throated Plated Lizard

Rough-scaled Plated Lizard

Black-lined Plated Lizard

Common Giant Plated Lizard

Bushveld Lizard

Common Rough-scaled Lizard

Blue-tailed Sandveld Lizard

Spotted Sandveld Lizard

Ornate Sandveld Lizard

Distant's Thread Snake

Eastern Thread Snake

Peters' Thread Snake

Long-tailed Thread Snake

Marsh Terrapin

Serrated Hinged Terrapin

Golden Blind Legless Skink

Cregoi's Blind Legless Skink

Giant Legless Skink

Wahlberg's Snake-eyed Skink

Sundevall's Writhing Skink

Lowveld Dwarf Burrowing Skink

Limpopo Dwarf Burrowing Skink

Mozambique Dwarf Burrowing Skink

Red-sided Skink

Rainbow Skink

Striped Skink

Variable Skink

Leopard Tortoise

Schlegel's Giant Blind Snake (see 2596)

Delalande's Beaked Blind Snake

Rock Monitor

Nile Monitor

Puff Adder

Horned Adder

Snouted Night Adder

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