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Hans Merenski Nature Reserve

Afrikaans name: Hans Merensky Natuurreservaat

Hans Merenski Nature Reserve

Hans Merenski Nature Reserve

Photo © Johan van Zyl


The Hans Merenski Nature Reserve, which is 5,268 hectares in extent, is a great place to visit if you want to go walking, riding or driving in a nature reserve that features a wide variety of animal life. The reserve offers a 32 km hike that takes 3 days to do with accommodation in huts along the way.

Some of the bigger mammals that you may see include Hippo, Sable, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest and Giraffe. There are occasional sightings of Spotted Hyena, Black-backed Jackal and even Leopard.

Birders will not be disappointed as the reserve is home to a wide variety of species throughout the year. Some of the specials include Arnot's Chat, Bennett's Woodpecker, Red-billed Buffalo Weaver, Stierling's Wren-Warbler, Southern White-crowned Shrike, Retz's Helmet Shrike and Thick-billed Cuckoo. Birders should make sure to spend some time doing the Letaba Trail.

There is a variety of accommodation available in the reserve including chalets, camp sites and a rustic camp.



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